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Liquid Boogie Roll works on a new material for long-awaited upcoming new CD. The band plans to record it on February - April 2019.

The band headed for a club tour called NEW BREATH tour 2018 before new material was released.

During the summer of 2017 LBR will play on several summer festivals. After that the band is planning to work on a new material.

Liquid Boogie Roll project is still alive in 2017 and both bands are planning few gigs.

At the end of 2016 the members of Liquid Boogie Roll and Brainscan are joining the project called “LIQUID BRAIN ROLL“ and playing a number of shows together. Gigs were in cities like Rimavská Sobota, Brno, Námestovo, Poprad, Prievidza, Nižná, Ružomberok, Banská Bystrica and Považská Bystrica.

In May of 2016 Palo Chodelka joins Brainscan as a permanent guitar player and playes few summer festivals.

At the beginning of 2016 Liquid Boogie Roll plays a TOUR in new lineup called ROCK GUITAR SHOW 2016.

Changes in line-up, Peter "Pepe" Rusnák joins the band as a new bass player in January 2016. Big thanks goes to the fellow bass player Tomáš Mastiš for all those great years in the band.

In the second half of 2015 the band continues the Rock Guitar Show gigs in clubs and attends also on summer festivals.

First part of Rock Guitar Show gigs in 2014 went very well and had a pretty good echo by fans and friends of the band so we decided to continue with this project also in the first half of 2015 and make a ROCK GUITAR SHOW vol.2 was in cities like: Bratislava, Rimavská Sobota, Nižná, Púchov, Humenné a Košice.

During 2015 Palo Chodelka works on his new guitar school. Besides that he works with Lojzo Horník on his debut drumming school.

In months November 2014 - January 2015 band Liquid Boogie Roll will complete concerts series called ROCK GUITAR SHOW. At concerts will be played in addition to instrumental creatiosn also songs from sung repertoire and there will also not be missed well-known cover versions played in modern and ravenous appearance. The concerts will be performed in cities Banská Bystrica, Vráble, Oravský Podzámok, Martin, Nitra, Liptovský Mikuláš and Poprad. Liquid will perform in this composition: Palo Chodelka - guitar, Tomáš Mastiš - bass, Lojzo Horník / Jano Huljak - drums and Maťo "Handrush" Androvič - vocal.

In summer of 2014 Palo works on his new musical project for Theater Centre of Martin, which will be released during 2015.

In April 2014 Palo Chodelka ends his cooperation and quit the band Konflikt. He spent seven years in a band, played over 650 shows and released three albums with them: DVD Konfliktology, CD Somnium a CD Punk.

At September of 2013 the publisher Fontana Music Library is releasing the instrumental album Asphalt Wars.

Label Fontana Music Library is releasing the album Commercial cuts 25 at the beginning of the year 2013 which is dedicated mainly for commercial and radio breaks. Palo is preparing the other material for this label called Modern Strong Metal.

In march 2012 instrumental album called PUNK is released in Prague under label Fontana Music Library. Palo playes many gigs in Slovakia and abroad.

During 2011 Palo playes many gigs in Slovakia and abroad and works on an instrumental album called PUNK.

During march and april 2011 Palo Chodelka is recording a new album with Konflikt on which he participate both as a player and composer. The new album is entitled Somnium and it`s coming out on 30th of april. More info on

During the autumn 2010 Liquid Boogie Roll played a small tour called ROCK GUITAR SESSION 2010. This tour joined two famous czech guitar players Honza ,,Kirk" Běhunek with his band Seven and Petr Henych with his band G-bod. The shows were in Bratislava, Praha and Sokolov. LBR played in an usual line up: Palo Chodelka, Tomáš Mastiš and Lojzo Horník. In Bratislava the singer Maťo "Handrush" Androvič joined the band on stage.

During the year 2010 Palo Chodelka works on a new album for the band Konflikt. Its release is planned at the beginning of the year 2011.

LIQUID Boogie Roll plays few gigs as a ROCK GUITAR TOUR 2009 during the autumn of 2009. The current lipe up is: Palo Chodelka, Tomáš Mastiš, Lojzo Horník and Martin ,,Handrush" Androvič. The gigs were in towns Bratislava, Martin, Tvrdošín, Púchov and Banská Bystrica.

In march 2009 the band releases first offcial DVD called Palo Chodelka & LIQUID Boogie Roll - Around Those Liquid Years. DVD contains music videos, concert, history and some bonus videos.

In january 2009 the band Konflikt releases DVD called Konfliktology 1990-2008. DVD contains LIVE concert from the festival Topfest 2007.

During the autumn 2008 LBR played few gigs as a ROCK GUITAR TOUR 2008 in line up Palo Chodelka, Tomáš Mastiš, Lojzo Horník.

In july 2008 former bass player of LBR Tomáš Mastiš returns and replaces Kristian Kadlečík.

In 2007 Palo Chodelka graduated a lot of concerts at home and in abroad. The concert with Konflikt was recorded on the festival TopFest. This concert will be on DVD of band Konflikt in 2009.

Except ascending in the band Konflikt, in March 2007 Palo assorting new instrumental band. The band plays in constitution: Palo – guitar, Krstián Kadlečík – bassguitar, Lojzo Horník – drums. Band plays under the name Palo Chodelka & LIQUID BOOGIE ROLL.

From the beginning of March 2007 unofficial internet page of Palo Chodelka is in activity. You can get on it by section special web, or on address

In January 2007 Palo Chodelka with band Konflikt shoot the music video for song Rebel. Material for viedoclip has been shooting in streets of London and in music club Purple Turtle.

Palo Chodelka works on preparing of official DVD.

At the end of December 2006 Palo Chodelka joined as lead guitarist to slovak punk-rock legend named KONFLIKT.

The promotion of our new CD LIQUID - another dimension took place in Zilina on 2nd of December 2006.

Since September 2006 our website is running with new design.

New album "LIQUID - another dimension" with singer Martin "Handrush" Androvič, is released in summer of 2006. Videoclips Reason to stay and Desperation are participated on a new album.

In May of 2006 Liquid recorded videoclip Reason to stay which was directed by Svatopluk Vladař and camera operation by David Beracko.

In March of 2006 Liquid recorded videoclip Desperation which was directed by David Beracko.

Palo Chodelka & LIQUID BOOGIE ROLL works on their new album. Recording will start in june with new singer Martin Androvič. Mixing will be in november and december of 2005.

In May - november Palo Chodelka works on their new education project. In december of 2005 the release other new multimedia project CD ROM Guitar school for all. It is targeting for beginning guitarists.

In December of 2004 the third part of the multimedia project CD ROM Palo Chodelka - Rock Guitar School 3 is released.

At the end of April 2004 CD Palo Chodelka & LIQUID BOOGIE ROLL - Adrenaline Invasion is released. Multimedia track with videoclips "Adrenaline Invasion" and "Wargasm" included.

At the end of 2003 year Liquid recorded videoclip Wargasm. In january of 2004 Liquid recorded another videoclip Adrenaline Invasion. Both of them will participate on a new album.

In December of 2003 the second part of the multimedia project CD ROM Palo Chodelka - Rock Guitar School 2 is released.

In November of 2003 Palo Chodelka and Ľuboš Tomaščik record next album Postproduction pack 2 for the Fontana Publishing Prague.

In September - October of 2003 LIQUID BOOGIE ROLL records in Wolfland studio his new instrumental album. His publishing is planning at the begining of 2004 year. Liquid recorded also some songs with singer Peter Holták.

English demo version of multimedia project Rock Guitar School 1 is realesed in April of 2003.

In December of 2002 the first part of the multimedia project CD ROM Palo Chodelka - Rock Guitar School 1 is released.

In October of 2002 is released special edition of CD Palo Chodelka - Guitar Transcendence for slovak market.

In August of 2002, the publisher Fontana Library Music releases a new CD Palo Chodelka - Guitar Transcendence.

In July, Palo Chodelka is working on composing and recording a musical part of thepresentation CD "Wooden sacral architecture in Central Europe".

In April and May 2002 singer Jaro Gažo records material for his solo album in Wolfland studio. Whole production and recording of guitar parts are organised by Palo Chodelka. Other members of LIQUID BOOGIE ROLL also take part on recording of the album.

In March and at the beginning of April 2002 Palo Chodelka co-operates on recording and production of EP of musical band KALIJUGE! in Wolfland studio. He also accepts an offer to come to the place of solo guitarist in this band.

In January - February of 2002 Palo Chodelka records his next album Guitar Transendence in Wolfland studio for the Fontana Publishing.

21-th January of 2002 - An oficial FAN CLUB of Palo Chodelka & Liquid Boogie Roll starts existing. It brings new interesting materials connected with the band to the rock music fans.

In September - November of 2001, production of new project Palo Chodelka - Rock Guitar School is beeing prepared and will be finished in March. This project was made up because of the success the broadcasting of the 15-volume TV series Guitar school on STV met within general public. Rock Guitar School will be divided into 3 parts, each including CD-ROM with individual exercises, musical samples, transcriptions and visual illustrations of guitar techniques.

In May - June of 2001 Palo Chodelka records his album Rest Rock in Wolfland studio for the Fontana Publishing. Album is released in autumn of 2001.

The hottest news is the personal change in position of the drummer and the bassguitarist. New young musicians join the band. Since May of 2001 Palo Chodelka plays together with twenty years old bassguitarist Robo Trunkvalter and twenty-one years old drummer Jano Huljak. Ľuboš Tomaščik plays as a guest keyboard player.

In spring of 2001 the next two albums for the Fontana publishing are released. Albums Action & Sport and Commercial Cuts 13, which were recorded by Palo Chodelka together with Ľuboš Tomaščik, are aimed for professional use in film, radio and television companies